What a gem – the ideal sitter!

Patricia  was an outstanding house sitter. This is the first time I have used this website and I couldn’t be happier at the jewel I located through it. Patricia was very responsible and took care of everything of any concern during the 7 weeks of my overseas trip. She even volunteered to contact the airline regarding something I had left at JFK on my ay to France! Patricia communicated appropriately with me. This was very important to me as I was 6,000 miles away! She sent me updates and pics of my pets, but did not overload me with constant texts, which I find annoying in the extreme. The most important thing to me was how well my cats were cared for. When I returned, my home was in pristine condition, but, most important, my cats weren’t freaked out like they have been in the past when I have gone on much shorter business trips. I just wished she lived in my part of the world so I could use her for shorter assignments.

Thank you, Patricia!

Nancy C, San Diego, CA


We can’t wait to have Patricia back

Patricia  took wonderful care for our active 14 year old dog, Trixie, and 2 year old in-door cat, Leo. Leo warmed up to Patricia and enjoyed cuddling and playing with her. Patricia not only gave Trixie her medications and good regular walks but even took her to different exciting hiking areas. Patricia was especially kind in sending us emails and photos about how the animals were doing, which was very reassuring to us while we were away. Patricia also handled the hand watering potted plants on surprise hot days, and our plants were in good shape when we returned.  We even had her stay with us in-between sits. I hope Patricia  can sit for us again – she did a great job!

Gail K, Palo Alto, CA


Perfect sitter for our special needs cat

The peace of mind I enjoy on my vacations knowing that Patricia is lovingly caring for my cat “Sugar” in her own home is invaluable. Since my cat is a former stray cat with health issues and is anxious around people, I was apprehensive about leaving her with someone new. We were pleased when Sugar and Patricia immediately bonded. Patricia has a unique knack of understanding my cat’s individual personality and needs. Patricia discovered that Sugar loves a good game of chase. I never thought my skittish cat would love to be chased! It is now her favorite activity.

Patricia also sends daily texts updates and photos which goes a long way to reducing my apprehension while I am gone. It is wonderful to come home and find Sugar so happy and relaxed. She enjoyed Patricia’s company so much that for two weeks after she left, Sugar cried outside the bedroom door where Patricia was staying every night. I know she misses the devoted attention Patricia gave her and can’t wait until she comes back.

In short, a lot of people can merely put water in a bowl or retrieve the mail. But it takes an extraordinary person to do all that plus provide loving individual attention, care, and administer medicine when needed. Patricia is one such person and your pets will love her.


Mary P, Sarasota, FL


Individualized care from a caring sitter

I have two cats with complete opposite personalities. Jake is a very affectionate lap cat who craves affection and attention and George is a once-feral cat who prefers to steer clear of humans and to spend most of his time in a cubby-hole where he feels safe. Jake is an older cat almost 16 years old who requires medicine twice a day.

When Patricia is watching my cats I know I don’t have to worry about them or the house and am free to focus on my time away. After I returned from a recent 4-week trip it was clear that my lap cat Jake missed the affection and attention that Patricia had lavished on him while I was away. My cat George seemed to be as carefree and comfortable as can be expected for a feral cat-which is impressive given that he is often very stressed after I have been away. He even let Patricia pet him which he doesn’t allow anyone else but me to do.

I think there are at least two qualities that work together to make Patricia such a great pet sitter. First, she is comfortable with animals and they are comfortable with her. I think the reason for this is pretty simple: she loves them and they love her back. But rapport is not enough and Patricia is also responsible and engaged with the animals. It’s the combination of these two traits that make Patricia a great fit for me and for my cats. I know that they are not just being looked after, but that the experience they are having is a positive one.

Thomas H, Boston, MA


Genuine dog lover who will take your pet on exciting adventures

Patricia and Zyla, our dog, had a marvelous time together! Patrica took Zyla on many amazing adventures including long hikes in the woods,  doggy play dates, and walks on the beach.  She introduced her to many new 2 and 4 legged friends and  kept her very happy and busy in our absence. She regularly sent us amazing pictures and even videos of Zyla. Patricia actually came in as a last-minute sitter, as we had a death in the family and needed to leave soon after receiving the news. She was quick to respond, came over and met us two hours after emailing her and greatly helped us out by driving us to and from the airport, as well as loving taking care of Zyla. She even took Zyla out for hikes and play dates  after the sit was completed. We were so grateful to have such a genuine dog-lover available to help us out at the last minute.

Joan D, Boston, MA